Single Tuning Bridge for Guitar and bass guitar

Single tuning bridge for guitar and bass Guitar

All machined parts are milled of a solid piece of brass.
Each individual bridge has its own bass plate that let slides for better intonation and comes with
You will have Two options in bass plates
One is a flat plate that can be mounted straight on to the guitar body
Second is a concave bath tube style plate that can be recessed in to the body
- two screws to be mounted on to the guitar body,
- string height adjustment, you will have the option of Two systems
One a Saddle type that has a screw style for height adjustment.
Second is a more wider style with Two small Grub screws for height adjustment
- a locking grub screw,
- Tuning has been made easy with high ratio turning weal
- one Ball bearingĀ  washer

The Locking Nut

The locking nut is solid brass.
It has a spike to lock it in to the wood and comes with one screw.
Inside we have a small 5mm round disc and a 5mm Grub screw. This disc is to prevent the thinner strings from breaking

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