Tremolo system

A Tremolo system that you can use for normal guitars and multi-scale and Headless guitars.

This Tremolo has been designed from the ground up to be used on all kind of guitars
The base plate and the tremolo post are made of a special   Carbon hardened steel 
For a longer and stronger knife edge.

The single bridges are made out of bell brass
the way that they are designed give you a multitude of possibility
replace your old Floyd trem it fits the same router and with its tuning weal you can do the fine tuning'

Not recommended for flat top guitars with no router for the tremolo like EVH  guitar.

In stall it on a Headless guitar No problem

Multi scale Yes depending on the scale length and where you place the straight(perpendicular) fret,
we have a of set of 20 mm  to play with

The diameter for the hole that you put the string true is 3 mm same for the locking nut so string gauge of 0.100 will work
but you will have to cut of the wrapping at the ball end and lock it in

For  height adjustment of the Two post  to lower or rise the Tremolo pleas lower the string tension
so that you do not damage the post and the knife edge of the tremolo

Comes In 6  7 and 8 string







Tremolo introduction