Single Tuning Bridge for Guitar

Single tuning bridge for guitar and bass Guitar

Single bridge
This design includes many subtle features both seen and unseen.
The custom self-centering 10mm bass bearings eliminate the drag and wear associated with plastic bushings,
and combine with a fine thread pitch for a smooth-turning fine tuner motion and solid pitch stability.

The brass shell produces a more solid tone than aluminum, while the low mass design keeps the weight down.
This design maintains solid contact between the base, the saddle block,
and the threaded saddle with all moving parts locking into place.
Locking at the saddle and using the (included) lock back behind the nut (or zero fret) they can be strung with the bass end at the bridge, the head,
or bare strings with no ball end at all.

The hole pattern is a direct replacement for the most common single string headless bridges for easy installation.

comes with Triangle locking nut

The diameter for the hole that you put the string true is 3 mm same for the locking nut so string gauge of 0.100 will work
but you will have to cut of the wrapping at the ball end and lock it in

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