Rail Bridge

Rail Bridge for guitar and Bass guitar

Machined out of solid brass

Because of its design this bridge will give you a solid contact from the string to the body of the guitar
You can hook the ball end of the string ad the back of the Base plate or
true the body.
The string is resting on a solid Brass nut that is adjustable in height for your desired action, 10 to 14 MM
It is easy to adjust simple loosen the small Grub screw at the front on turn it around .
The Nut is resting in a sliding Cradle that is making a full contact with the base plate
This will give you the optimum contact and transfer of vibration(Tone and Sustain) in the guitar body
This Cradle has a small Grub screw for intonation by opening it you can slide the cradle forward or backwards


For Dimension and installation